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Anonymous asked:

Bethyl is not gonna happen, amc knows Caryl is more loved than Bethyl, and they don't want to lose fans. They know how much we're important because the day after we got pissed over this Bethyl nonsense, we got a pic of Norman and Melissa. You can say whatever you want but at the end Caryl is endgame and you all need to deal with it


Lol oh Nonny. There there. *pats head*
I seem to be dealing with this weekend’s events just fine. An executive producer of the show said one half of my otp fell in love with the other half of my otp. But of course, since you and nine other shipper sent hate to real people and clearly only 12 people watch the show, I’m sure they’re rewriting season 5 as we speak. Yeah, I’m sure Scott Gimple got off the plane and got right on that, since you know, the world revolves around you and your shipper needs (read: delusions)


John Barrowman’s Commonwealth Games Gay Kiss Shown In Over 40 Homophobic Countries Around The World

A gay kiss at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games is making headlines around the world.

In an early part of the event in Glasgow, Scotland, Torchwood star and master of ceremonies John Barrowman ran from a parade float into the arms of a man, during a segment celebrating marriage in the city. He proceeded to kiss the man directly on the lips in a scripted move intended to promote equality… Read more.

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